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We have been entertaining our audience at parties, weddings, and special events since 2012.

Bollywood music, traditional folk songs, fusion music, and classical ragas are all featured in our repertoire.

Blessings Flutes, flute player

Solo Performance

At weddings, private events, and gatherings we perform popular music as well as well-known Bollywood tunes to assist you to feel the mood of an Indian celebration or wedding. For your guests, our music is about more than just delivering musical entertainment; it's about building a feeling of community.

Solo Performace

Full Band Performance

We bring a unique, live music performance to your wedding ceremony or parties. Playing a large range of songs throughout Indian Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, and Hindi. We put our own twist on every song to make your guests enjoy themselves as they listen and dance to our tunes. We can play instrumentally or sing while we play upon request.

Madnatisim band, Bollywood band toronto
Performance with Band
Punjabi Folk Dance and music toronto

Folk Music and Dance

Our team is passionate about folk music and folk dance. We believe that in order to take your event to the next level, you need to incorporate both of these elements into the same performance. Our goal is to make sure you have an event that your guests will never forget, and we're always looking for new ways to help our clients make their events even more special.

Flok Music and Dance

Studio Recording

We create custom music track that fits your brand, tone, and genre perfectly. Our team has years of experience creating music from commercials and documentaries to TV shows and movies—and we can help you create the perfect flute music for your projects.

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Studio Recording
Blessings Flutes, flute player Brampton

Spiritual Events

Without Krishna's blessings, the flute is lacking something. At blessings flutes, we offer services for religious rituals and ceremonies at temples.

Spritual Events
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